Salon Xia’s Stylists Share Their Favorite Products–November

12 Nov 2014, by admin in Uncategorized

Salon Xia’s stylists are at it again–giving you the insider’s secrets on the best hair care products!  Fall is here and it is time to think of new hairstyles in advance of the holidays. It is also time to think about the best products to use on your hair, and our stylists are once again bragging on their favorite brands!


At Salon Xia, we are always trying out new products and finding new favorites, but some standbys make their way into our stylists’ hands again and again. Our stylists will tell you that they have their go-to products that they would never be without, and they recommend them to all of their clients on a regular basis. Every month, we feature two of our stylists as well as their favorite products so that you, too, can learn more about great hair care.


Here are two of our professional stylists with a rundown on their favorite products and a bit about how they use them and how they can work for you!


Claudia Coppel, Salon Xia Stylist–Click on Claudia’s name to visit her page!


Volumizing Mousse by Davines

Volumizing Mousse By Davines


“I love the moisturizing mousse by Davines. This mousse helps any hair hold its style. It is lightweight and never drags the hair down, but at the same time adds substantial body to the hair. It is especially good for fine to medium-weight hair that needs a little something extra. I use it before blowouts and on the roots of almost any type of style to give an extra kick. It works well as an anchoring product for complicated bridal styles as well as simply styles. I use this mousse frequently, combined with other products for the ends of the hair.”



Gillian Sobolic, Salon Xia Stylist–Click on Gillian’s name to visit her page!

Oi Oil by Davines

Oi Oil by Davines


“I use Oi Oil by Davines on almost every client’s hair. It is one of the best products on the market in my opinion! I use it as a moisturizer after shampooing on all hair types, as a pre-cut and pre-blowout conditioner and as an all-around aid to beautiful hair. This is definitely a product for every hair type. Oi Oil helps hair dry faster, is completely weightless and nourishes hair. In fact, when you use it on your hair you do not even have to style to get a great look. I use it all the time!”


Come by Salon Xia and see what our stylists are up to this fall. We guarantee you will leave with a hairstyle you love!


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