Salon Xia Celebrates Local Artists–Reception March 8, 2015

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Two New Artists To Exhibit At Salon Xia in February and March!

At Salon Xia, we believe that beauty is not limited to great hairstyles. We also support our local artists and frequently display their work throughout our salon for our customers to enjoy. This month, we are featuring two incredible artists from the Pasadena area: Barbi Taylor and Evian Olivares.

These two artists embody the spirit of southern California in completely different ways and bring a note of excitement to Salon Xia this month. Their work will be on display from now until March 8th, when we will hold a closing reception at the Salon. Come by and enjoy a drink and great appetizers while you meet the artists responsible for this month’s display. Before that, come by for your favorite hairstyle, cut or color and soak up some of our atmosphere!

Barbi Taylor


Barbi 2 Barbi 3 Barbi


Barbi Taylor grew up in Colorado and attended college there, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts before marrying her husband and relocating to his native California. Barbi enjoys working in oil paints and expressing the hidden beauty of figures, especially those of friends, in a surrealistic way.

“I would describe my work as contemporary surrealism,” says Barbi. “I always work in oils, and I have painted on both Masonite and canvas. My inspiration often comes from people I know, and I find ways to interpret those figures and place them in surreal surroundings. I love finding beauty in ways that others may not have seen before, leading viewers to look at people and objects differently.”

For more information about Barbi and her artwork, see her website at Additionally, you can like her on Facebook at and see more of her work on Instagram at @art_by_barbi. Barbi will also be holding another show at Jones Coffee this week, located at 693 S Raymond Avenue in Pasadena.

Evian Olivares


Evian 1 Evian Evian 2


Evian describes himself as an illustrator who works in a wide range of media. “I have created ink illustrations with brush pen that I then put into digital form with added color. I love experimenting with graphic arts and editing to create unique and original looks for my work. I take inspiration from many sources, including my own travels, and I always try to look at things from new perspectives.”

While Evian loves interpretive approaches to art, he also illustrates for a graphic design firm by day where he does editorial work. A graduate of the College for Arts Center in Pasadena, Evian is a California native who finds his work often taking on a “dark, grungy emotional quality, even if that is not what was intended.” The work displayed this month at Salon Xia is intended to be seen as a set and was created with this in mind.

For more information on Evian, see his website at as well as his Facebook page at

Drop by this month and see the work of these great artists!


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