Salon Xia Adds New Professional Makeup Artist

29 Apr 2015, by admin in Fashion, News

Mirna Garcia has been the receptionist at Salon Xia for over a year, always greeting clients with a smile and a great attitude. However, she recently added a new skill to her repertoire: professional makeup artist! Now, Mirna is helping clients feel great about themselves and look perfect for every special event. In fact, Mirna will be available every Saturday at Salon Xia to provide makeup services for all occasions.  To book an appointment, click here.

Having worked at the Mac Cosmetics counter at Nordstrom in the past, Mirna was familiar with the basics of makeup and had a great deal of experience in recommending products to customers. However, she wanted to expand her skills and eventually become certified in the makeup field, so she attended Elegance International School of Professional Makeup or EI. This past Saturday, she celebrated her graduation, and has now become a fully-licensed Salon Xia makeup artist!

The EI curriculum is a one-year program focusing on all aspects of makeup theory and technology. Mirna studied “regular” makeup for enhancing or changing features that women use on a daily basis. Next came theater makeup and classes on how to choose and apply makeup for fashion, television and commercial purposes. She also learned how to create silicone or gel pieces for special effects. The final classes recapped all the skills learned throughout the program. Mirna has also had the opportunity to work on the set of short films, videos and other productions to put her skills to work.

In speaking of her goal for using her new talents at Salon Xia, Mirna said, “My most important goal is to make my clients feel comfortable. I really want them to sit in my chair and feel free to talk about their insecurities and what they hope to change about their appearances. As a professional makeup artist, I have seen almost everything and I am not judging anyone!”

“I also hope to encourage women to see what is truly beautiful about themselves rather than trying to live up to some imaginary standard. With Instagram and other social media, the tendency is to focus on heavy, unrealistic makeup to completely change the appearance. I hope that I am able to inspire my clients with confidence to be themselves. I love making a woman feel that she is the very best that she can be, whether for a formal event or a casual girl’s night out. I want to make my clients feel pretty and sexy, because they all are!”

Check out Salon Xia’s newest makeup artist, Mirna Garcia, and learn more about how our professionals can help you look your best, no matter what the occasion!


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