February Is The Month of Love At Salon Xia!

09 Feb 2015, by admin in Uncategorized

It’s February, and with that month comes one of our favorite celebrations—Valentine’s Day. Love is always in the air at Salon Xia, but February brings out the romantic in us all!

Meet our Salon Xia stylists for this month who want to share with you the products they love and why these products are their go-tos for tough styling problems.

Visit Salon Xia this month before your big date or just to try out a new cut or color. We’re always happy to see you!


Cynthia Dawson, Stylist—Learn more about Cynthia here!

Oi All In One Milk

Davines Oi All-in-One Milk

I have loved Davines products ever since I took a Sally Rogerson class. She relied on them for many of her styles and techniques and saw them as essential to her work. I have used Davines products for as long as they have been around, and one of my favorites is the Oi All-in-One Milk.

This product smells great and moisturizes hair deeply. What I use it for most is detangling. Anyone with hair that tangles easily knows it is not always easy to style, especially when wet. I use it for thick hair to prevent pulling when styling, and I often use it for children. Anytime you have tangled hair, this product is great for releasing those tangles. It also coats and penetrates deep into the cuticle to keep hair shiny and healthy.


Debbie Thornton, Stylist—Learn more about Debbie here


Smooth-n Oil Therapy

I love this product because it is not greasy or heavy at all, but works wonders on coarse or frizzy hair. It is made to be used after a shampoo and before blow-drying. It is light and leaves the hair feeling smooth and silky but not greasy or weighted down. You can even use it without blowing dry, although the results are not as beautiful.

This product is great for people who have frizzy hair not only because it helps straighten and leaves hair feeling weightless; it also has a nice fragrance and seals out moisture. This is an important consideration for those with frizzy hair affected by humidity. With Smooth-n Oil Therapy, I am able to help my clients counteract the frizz that comes from high humidity, even after the hair has dried.

This February, Salon Xia is offering great cuts, colors and styles for that perfect night on the town or just to help you look and feel beautiful. Give us a call today and come by to see our stylists!


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