Erica Cisne, Salon Xia’s Artist of the Month!

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Erica 1Salon Xia Features Erica Cisne, Local Artist

Salon Xia is always ready to recognize new talent. Because we consider ourselves artists, we feel an affinity with those who are also artists, even in different media. One of our favorite is Erica Cisne, an incredible artist who draws inspiration from nature and the people she sees around her each day to create innovative, edgy pieces that mirror her eclectic personality.


Erica Cisne—California’s Colorful Artist

Erica Cisne lives in beautiful Ontario in southern California. She is a self-taught artist who works with the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and paints beautiful and colorful pieces that tell a story through characters she has envisioned.

Erica says that her inspiration comes from her Catholic school days and her admittedly less-than-perfect childhood. She focuses on telling a story through acrylic and watercolor paint, particularly the story of two “rabbits” that represent bad and good. Long-eared rabbits represent negatives or temptation in her work while short-eared rabbits represent the positive or loving influences in her life. These rabbits are anthropomorphized to appear almost as little girls. Erica also paints very stylized girls and women, usually with long hair and sometimes with symbolic features, such as a mouth that is sealed with stitches.

Of her own work, Erica says, “I love to paint and to create things that live in my wild imagination. Most important
of all, I paint what I have experienced as a child and throughout my life. My art tells a story; therefore, every piece is very important to me.”

Reception of Erica’s work has been extremely positive. People love her exuberant use of color, and her success has led her to open Candy Cained Pain, a virtual gallery to display her work. You can see more of her work here, and follow her on Instagram at CandyCainedPain.

Erica is also a member of Raw Artists, an organization dedicated to showcasing artists’ work and helping them achieve recognition for their individual contributions to all types of artistic media. You can see Erica’s profile, with great photos of her work here.

Erica will be having an art opening on October 26 from 4 PM to 8 PM. See more information on her website!


Erica 2Salon Xia Salutes the Work of Erica Cisne

At Salon Xia, we respect the work of artists such as Erica Cisne. We understand what it is like to live “on the edge” of fashion and how much courage it takes to boldly create your own style. Way to go, Erica! Salon Xia has been supporting local artists for more than 10 years. Rotating artwork every 6 to 8 weeks, the Salon features a new artist on a regular basis, particularly those from the Pasadena area. Salon Xia does not receive any commission from sales of artwork.

For more information about Salon Xia, see our new website at There, you can book an appointment, learn more about your favorite stylist or find the right products for you.


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