Arabelle Bustos of InSpirit Touch Offers Holistic Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit

31 Mar 2015, by admin in Life, News


Arabelle Bustos of InSpirit Touch offers a holistic approach to wellness by focusing equally on the mind, body and spirit and the way that each interacts with the other.  Arabelle offers massage therapy and organic natural products on the first Saturday of each month at Salon Xia.

Arabelle’s philosophy is simple:  in order to take care of yourself, you must tune in to all three elements of your being—your mind, your body and your spirit.

This former social worker focuses on healing and wellness by offering a holistic approach to all aspects of health.  As the founder of InSpirit Touch, she offers therapeutic massage, chakra balances and a full line of organic body lotions and products to keep clients in top form.

“You have to listen to your senses and be careful of what do to your body,” says Arabelle.  Every first Saturday, she can be seen from 10:00 a.m. until closing at Salon Xia, offering her compassionate healing treatments to those who seek them.  She offers chair massages as well as advice on stretching and a wide range of all-natural remedies such as Citrus Rescue and Lavender Serenity.  Her background studies in physical therapy allow her to help those who may be suffering from recurring pain and to assist clients in avoiding injury and stress on their bodies.

“I advise my clients that not making time for self-care may cause daily stresses to build up which can ultimately lead one to illness and recurring pain.  One piece of advice I have for them is this:  whenever you are at work and you must get up to go to the bathroom, take a few moments when you return to your chair to reposition yourself, take some deep breaths and do a few stretches.  This simple exercise will work wonders on your mood and your physical condition.”

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Arabelle’s products are all 100 percent natural with no harmful ingredients.  “It is very important for people to consider what they are putting on or in their bodies,” says Arabelle.  “Not only can some substances harm you over time, they may be harmful to your children or your family as well if they absorb them from your touch.  Therefore, all of my products have organic ingredients that are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is healthier for the planet and healthier for our bodies.”  For more information on Arabelle go to or to schedule an appointment for a massage, contact Salon Xia today.


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