5 tips for that perfect salon hairstyle

09 Mar 2016, by admin in News


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It’s now March, which means it’s time to get a fresh new hairdo! Salon Xia is offering a 10% off all hair services- just in time for Spring! Get a new updo hairstyle for a special occasion or go bold with hair coloring! The possibilities are endless! This offer is only for first time customers when you sign up for our newsletters.

After visiting the Salon, the hardest thing is keeping your hair looking great. Do you suffer from hair no longer as perfect as it was when you stepped out of the salon? Sometimes we can’t find the time or money to get to the salon as often as we’d like. That’s why we compiled a list of 5 hair products and tips to help you keep that professional salon hair look in-between salon visits!


Step 1 & 2: Get a good shampoo and conditioner

The first step to having great hair is a great shampoo and conditioner! Maintain that new haircut with these products and you won’t regret it. The Unite brand has many products for all types of hair from curly hair to straight hair! Keep that trendy hairstyle looking hydrated and silky with this shampoo! You’ll see results in just 7 Seconds!

conditioner hairstyle

 7SECONDS Conditioner (Credit.

Get the 7SECONDS Shampoo and Conditioner, the perfect duo! This conditioner is moisture rich for your dry hair. Plus, it has UV protection and protects against color fading. For those worried about paraben, this hair product is paraben and sodium chloride free! What more can you want?


Step 3: Protect, Protect, Protect!

blow and set hairstyle

Blow & Set Lotion (Credit:

Give your hairstyle the protection it needs. The heat from blow drying your hair can damage your hair. Try Unite’s Blow & Set Lotion. Not only does it cut your drying time, you’d be amazed by how soft and manageable your hair is! Apply this hair product generously from roots to ends and dry your hair like usual! Added benefits to this product include thermal protection, shine and volume!


Step 4: Style it up!


expanda dust hairstyle
EXPANDA Dust (Credit:

One of the benefits of the Unite brand is that they have everything you could possibly need. Try the EXPANDA Dust for great texture and instant volume. It’s also colorless so you don’t have to worry about products standing out in your hair. Lightly sprinkle this on your roots and massage. This volumizing powder is great for updos and other hairstyles.


Step 5: Hold it!

session max hairstyleSESSION-MAX Extra Strong (Credit:

You’ve styled your hair to the way you want. How are you going to keep it looking great all day? Freeze it with Unite’s SESSION-MAX Extra Strong for the ultimate hold. You’ll be looking flawless like you’ve just stepped onto the red carpet!

Now go forth and wow your friends with hair that is healthy and shiny like you just had it professionally done! You don’t have to break the bank just to have great hair.



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